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Government of Western AustraliaDFES - Department of Fire & Emergency Services

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About Bushfire Patrol

The Department of Fire & Emergency Services (DFES) Bushfire Patrol program’s focus is on bushfire education in schools within the southwest land division of Western Australia (WA); and has been jointly funded through DFES and the Attorney General’s Department, Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP).  The program serves as a teaching resource for primary schools that fits within the Australian School Curriculum across a wide subject framework for early childhood, middle and upper primary school students. The intended outcome of the program is to raise students and their family’s awareness, perception of risk and shared responsibility around bushfire in the community.
The program is directed at teachers and provides an online Bushfire Patrol resource, and five lesson plans and activities for each age group. The online resource games, which are missioned based, can be used as an introduction to lesson 1, 2, 4 and 5. The lesson plans can be delivered as a whole unit of work, though are not dependent on students having completed lessons the year before.

This program reflects an inquiry approach where students are directing their learning and applying it to their own location. 

The key messages include to:

Teacher resources for early childhood / middle primary/ upper primary are available here:

 Bushfirepatrol Website Teachers Guide Bushfirepatrol Website Early Childhood Bushfirepatrol Website Middle Primary Bushfirepatrol Website Upper Primary Bushfirepatrol Website Help Guide

Mission Brief

Mission 1: What Bushfires Like

Explore how wind, heat and dryness create bushfire danger.

Mission Brief

Mission 2 consists of 3 goals.

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Goal 1: Windy Wind

Test your skills with windy wind.

Fight off an ember attack.

Watch the effects of a very, very hot bushfire!


Goal 2: Embers Alive!

A bushfire can send out flying embers that can start spot fires.


Goal 3: Beat The Heat

The heat a bushfire gives off is called radiant heat

and it can be very, very hot!

Mission Brief

Mission 3: Hazard Hunt

Spot the risky items to reduce fire danger around a house.

Mission Brief

Mission 4: Watch And Act

How fast are you? Beat the clock to the Bushfire Survival Plan.

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